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Warranty and Refund Policy

M3D Premium Splints are digitally designed and 3D printed to perfection using the strongest and most resilient biocompatible resin in existence. In addition to fitting your patients perfectly, they are nearly indestructible. We guarantee their durability. If a M3D Premium Splint breaks, tears, or is otherwise destroyed through normal use of the product, we will replace it.  Simply order a Reprint, enter Warranty in the Promo Code field, and upload a picture of the patient's destroyed splint.


We want you to be happy with our products and services, and we want to receive your feedback if you are not. If you feel your case failed due to an in-lab (non-clinical) error or fault, we definitely want to know, so we can replace the product or refund your money.

Refund Request

In most cases, feedback and refund requests can be submitted via this website. In all other situations, please send an email to within 10 business days of placing your order if you have a concern regarding your case. Include the patient name, the purchased product, and the specifics related to the failure.

Regardless of the method of request, we will review your refund request within 10 business days of receipt and send an email approving or denying your refund. We may approve a partial refund. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Payment of Refund

We will credit your refund to the account you paid with, or a check will be mailed to your address of record.

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