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About Matrix 3D Labs

Precision Processing for Happy Patients

Our Mission

Better, Faster, Stronger (and Cheaper)

We understand how important each patient is to you.  That's why we use cutting edge technology to create superior precision products with unmatched quality, durability and affordability.

Ultimately, our mission empowers you to delight your patients in less time and at a lower cost.

Matrix 3D Labs uses EXO cad in designing your dental splints. Learn more at matrix3dlabs.c

What We Do

M3D splints and crowns are printed on the world's most advanced and precise 3D printers. 

Our extensive experience with CAD dental software, 3D-printing, and post-processing techniques results in products you can rely on and your patients will love.

Splints in production.PNG

What It Means for You

Our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the creation of patient-specific products like Splints and Crowns, ensuring superior quality, form, and function. Trust Matrix3D Dental Lab to provide you with the tools to deliver exceptional patient care while staying ahead of the curve in dental technology.

Splints in production.PNG
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